About FiTT

Instructor demonstrating where to attack maniquinFitness Inspired Tactical Training is the only training environment in the Lancaster area that is 100% focused on tactical awareness and self defense. We’re here to equip you to respond INSTINCTIVELY, QUICKLY and DECISIVELY when it matters most.

Our programs provide tactical training in a safe and comfortable environment that’s suitable for anyone, regardless of age or ability.

Our Self Defense structure is not dependent on your size or your current fitness level. Everyone can learn situational awareness and can put these simple techniques into practice to stay safe.
– Kristine Smith


Kristine Smith

Founder & Instructor at Fitness Inspired Tactical Training

Kristine was born and raised in NYC. Kristine studied at St. Johns University and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. Upon completion of her degree, Kristine worked in various roles in private security as well as one of the most prestigious international law firms in New York. However, it had been her lifelong goal to become part of the NYPD and she was honored to be accepted into the New York City Police Academy.

Kristine graduated from the NYPD Police Academy in the top ten percent of her class of 1,100 graduates. She was assigned to the 9th precinct in the lower east side of Manhattan, where she served in several capacities, many of them in special operations.

Following retirement from the police force, Kristine and her family relocated to Lancaster, PA, where she has been an active member of the martial arts community for several years. Kristine recently earned her 2nd Dan Black Belt under Grand Master Nam and Master Cuascut.

Beyond martial arts training, Kristine is on a mission to empower women with the confidence and skills they need to avoid dangerous situations and act to defend themselves when the need arises.

Kristine is an accomplished runner. She has competed in events ranging from a full marathon to several half marathons, and many obstacle races. She has been married to her husband, Shamus, for over 20 years. They have two boys, ages 10 and 7. Together, they enjoy staying active outdoors whenever possible. You can readily find them camping, biking, hiking, fishing, and sharpening their archery and shooting skills.