Have you always wanted to learn self-defense, but found yourself intimidated or unsure of what to expect? Would you like to learn self defense in a supportive, comfortable environment?

Welcome to a different kind of self-defense training, where the goal is empowerment – never intimidation.

We don’t yell.
You won’t need to throw people over your shoulder.
We don’t expect you to be in top physical shape.

Instead, our female-led instruction provides powerful tactics that anyone can use. You’ll improve your situational awareness and defensive capabilities, without harsh judgment, raised voices, or competition.

Self-defense expert, Kristine Smith, is here to help you:

We offer one on one classes, group instruction, and firearms training that’s perfect for college students, professional women and anyone else who wants to learn without pressure, hype, or drama.


Available Classes:

Basic Self-Defense

Basic Self-Defense

Our introductory one on one self-defense class is designed to provide basic techniques to improve your situational awareness and teach you practical self-defense moves. This female-led self-defense class is perfect for teens, college students, professional women, or anyone interested in learning how to defend themselves in a relaxed and comfortable setting.

We'll cover:

  • The importance of eye contact
  • Strategies to avoid danger
  • Techniques to improve your ability to stay aware
  • Strategies to improve your memory for details
  • 10 - 12 self-defense moves
There will be plenty of time for interactive practice of the techniques with your instructor. Each session ends with a freestyle exercise designed to help you think on your feet and apply the strategies you've just learned. You'll leave empowered to defend yourself in a variety of situations! Instruction is delivered in the privacy of your home or at a location you choose.

Advanced Self-Defense

After learning basic self-defense strategies, many of our students continue to our advanced level classes, where we cover in-depth self-defense strategies and tactics. Advanced instruction is designed to prepare you for more advanced tactical situations, as well as enable you to practice the techniques you’ve learned over a longer period of time.
Group Self-Defense
Would you like to offer self-defense training at your office, college, church or yoga studio? Whether your group wants to learn the basics of self-defense or move on to more advanced training, FiTT can customize our self-defense training for your group. All classes are led by instructor Kristine Smith and delivered in a relaxed and comfortable way to promote learning and increased awareness. Instruction is available for up to 25 students per class and delivered at your location.
Firearms Training

60-90 Minute Training

Thinking of buying a gun for self defense? Want to learn more about gun safety? Our firearms training class is designed to teach you to safely carry your gun and use it to defend yourself in an emergency.

We’ll cover:

  • Gun safety fundamentals
  • The specifics of your gun (if you have one already)
  • Tips for finding the right fire arm for your needs
  • Conceal carry permits
  • Practice target shooting
Instruction will take place at a local gun range. We can also arrange to meet you at a gun range near you. Firearms will be provided for instruction, but we encourage you to bring your own gun if you have one. Firearms training is conducted by Kristine Smith, NRA Certified Basic Pistol Instructor.  

NRA Hand Gun Certification

Beyond our basic firearms training class, we also offer advanced hand gun training to prepare you to earn an NRA hand gun certification.